From Gaza to Haifa – Haifa Demonstration

[click picture or use keyboard arrow keys to scroll] The committee organizing the Great Return March in Gaza announced May 25 that the demonstrations on Friday will happen under the title “From Gaza to Haifa – Unity of Blood and Common Fate”. Haifa answered the call with a demonstration blocking the Al-Carmel [Ben Gurion] Boulevard.

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Demonstration in Haifa

[click picture or use keyboard arrow keys to scroll] On Friday May 18, activists staged a protest in downtown Haifa in support of Gaza and against the killing of Palestinian protesters by Israeli snipers in the Great March of Return. Police responded with great force, beating protesters and arresting 21 demonstrators. EN: [link] AR: [link] HE: [link] …

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Haifa stands against femicide

  After four women were killed in one week by a partner, ex, brother, family, women have had enough. Enough of the police and government’s negligence and contempt to the violence women face. [link] [click picture or use keyboard arrow keys to scroll]

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House Demolitions in Umm Al-Hieran

[click picture or use keyboard arrow keys to scroll] In the early hours of the morning on Wednesday 18.01.17, armed Israel polices forces entered the unrecognized Bedouin village Umm Al-Hieran in the Naqab\Negev. The residents had been negotiating an agreement with the authorities during the night, so they did not expect to be facing policemen…

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Pella and Umm Qais in a day

Finally looking through photographs taken during a recent visit to Jordan. We left super early in the morning in order to make most of the day we had, and visited two beautiful places. The first was the ruins of the ancient city Pella in Jordan, which is right in the middle of a public park…

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