A Few Questions on Disintegrated Memories and Their Remains

Series of 4 photographs, scanned medium format and 8×10 negatives, giclée prints; 2019.

The series explores an attraction to the sense of disquiet, fragmentation and loss inherent to these images, the places in them and the remains they represent. With an unassuming façade, the photographs point to something amiss, without making suggestions as to what that may be. 

Through the language of images the photographs examine the dialogue between memory, space, material, and representation. Lurking beneath the surface of every photograph, is a consciousness fundamentally unconscious to many. This work can be read as a still life, landscape photography and self portrait at the same time.

While memory persists it is not entirely grounded on a stable ground of the landscape but it is rather designated by time and space. There seems to be a shift from the importance of the personal towards a more collective material interpretation that signifies the connection between time and space but also beyond that space. The images weren’t all taken in places that factually or directly are part of that memory or narrative, yet the memory still dwells.