In 2011 the photography department in Bezalel was invited to stay in the city of Ashdod, a port city near Gaza. In the city I felt restless and unable to stay. In my mind, the voice and image of a friend from Gaza as she talked about her village of origin, Isdūd. I decided to get out of the city which had no sign or hint of the past and to look for Isdūd.

The quiet, isolated area was surrounded by a fence with a “private property – no trespassing.”

The title of the series is a play on that village’s name, Isdūd. Masdūd means shut, sealed or closed in Arabic. 

This series was exhibited as part of the department’s group exhibition in billboards around the city of Ashdod and a local art center.

Scanned medium format negatives, various sizes, giclée prints 2011.